“If it was your child, what would you do?”

  • 2 time 33rd Annual Telly Awards Winner
    Categories: Public Relations, Miscellaneous
  • 18th Annual Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction
    Category: Documentary

“I am the bionic woman.”

  • 18th Annual Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction
    Category: Promotional/Branding

“Marcy’s Story”

  • Hospital Foundation Fundraiser Success Video

Advertising Spots for Radio

“I flatlined and died”

Radio Spot featuring Emergency Services, Trigg County Hospital
  • Client: Trigg County Hospital
  • Title: “I flatlined and died”
  • Project: Radio Ad Spot (30 seconds)

“Marcy’s Story”

Radio Spot featuring Breast Imaging Suite, part of the Radiology Department at Trigg County Hospital
  • Client: Trigg County Hospital
  • Title: “Marcy’s Story”
  • Project: Radio Ad Spot (60 seconds)


  • Website UI Design and Development

  • Videos – online marketing

  • Radio advertisements

  • Ad Design

  • Print Design


Trigg County Hospital wanted its online image to represent its expanded state-of-the-art facilities. They also wanted to make the most of internet marketing tools to raise community awareness of the services they offer and boost the fundraising efforts of the Trigg County Hospital Foundation.

How We Did It

We created a clean, easy-to-use website as the foundation of Trigg County Hospital’s new image, with crisp graphics and award-winning video marketing segments utilizing YouTube, the web’s most popular video-sharing site. Three video segments featuring TCH patients now spotlight services offered by the hospital – the Emergency Services Department, the breast imaging suite (within the Radiology Department) and physical therapy. Radio advertisements and print advertising materials, including a new marketing slogan, round out the package of services created to work together just for TCH.

Why We Did That

Video is more important than ever. When the initial video project premiered, the hospital’s Foundation raised 33% more than its goal to help pay for new equipment. But the benefits of web video go way beyond fund-raising. More than 85% of American internet users view online video, and that number’s rising. And studies prove that video grabs – and keeps – the attention of online visitors. That’s essential for turning “clicks” into clients.

Can you squeeze 72 hours into a minute?

You can’t, but YouTube can. That’s how much video is being uploaded to the world’s second largest search engine every minute (that’s right, it’s also a search engine). Learn how combining this marketing power tool with patient education videos can develop trust among visitors and ramp up market competitiveness.

Why Hudge Creative

Hudge Creative is an elite, hands-on company. We will expertly handle your project – from start to finish – in-house, without passing it off to outside companies for additional editing or sound design. That means your project is always our project. It also means we’re not passing additional costs on to you.

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