We all hope to be doing something…

that is rewarding; whatever that is, each one of us loves it when (or if) we come across it.  For us at Hudge Creative, it’s the gratifying statements like this:

“We received a call this week from [outside our usual region]. This particular person was seeking the very services we provide and she was so relieved to learn that we could begin helping her parents immediately!”


Or an email like,

“Hey, BTW, received another inquiry from a Google search!! Mwah!! Big kisses!”


Each and every business has a trajectory, a direction in which they’re moving.

Sometimes, they want to build on that… sometimes they want to re-aim that trajectory and build something else, rebranding who they are—and maybe even who they serve.

We help healthcare and caregiver organizations build trust with their target audience through learning deeply how they impact their patients and clients, and then building their message that can help them earn trust and begin the professional relationship as early as possible.

All the above is spot on – but let’s break all this down in very simple terms:

If something doesn’t get results, isn’t it worthless?

  • Too many CEOs invest money in hope-to-be solutions yet lack the power of knowing how to really attack their voids.
  • Too many Marketing Directors expect their site is not really capable of being anything much more than an online brochure. They want more – more traffic, more leads, bigger lists – but need help.
  • Too many Business Development Execs know they need to be building awareness in their community and region, but are missing out on the power of extremely efficient and targeted online audience reach!

A fresh perspective brings momentum.

Many invest in things that don't get results

If it doesn’t get results, it’s a cost, not an investment. These are some of the wins we’ve been able to help achieve.

More Patients Signing Up for Private Practice EMR System in 2 months
(vs. Entire Prior Year)
More $ Raised for Non-Profit After Premiering Fundraiser Event with Video Short
Increase in Online Leads in Only 3 weeks (Compared to the Previous 5 mo)
is Where a Client Ranked in Search Results (for 2 Top Industry Terms)
of a City's Population Reached in 4 Days through Facebook Shares of a Promo Video
Increase in Conference Attendance after Launch of New Web Property

So What Does Hudge Do To Help?

In short, we take all your content, throw it on the table, put order to it, add some more to it, come up with a plan and…

  • maybe build a new site,
  • or use the one you currently have.
  • maybe make new videos,
  • or provide you with some effective video marketing power before you tank thousands for production costs.
  • maybe launch several Google AdWords campaigns (Search, Display, YouTube, Remarketing),
  • or assess and audit your current campaigns.

We learn your agency and its clients inside and out – so we can,

  • save money by getting the right type of traffic to your site
  • build the path so people take action to become your patrons

Our process is thorough. Even when we first make contact we ask a lot of questions, listen, ask more, listen, assess if we’re a good match – and if not, we will even recommend one of our competitors who are more likely to be a great solution.

What you probably searched for to find us:

  • Market Research/Target Audience Discovery
  • Video Production + YouTube Ad Campaigns
  • Creative services like Web Site Design & Graphic Design
  • Google AdWords Campaigns

What our moms think we do:

  • Fix PCs

Our prior website did not generate any inquiries into our services. The only traffic we had on the site were people we directed to our site AFTER we had initial conversations. This was the opposite of how traffic should have been generated.
But now, I have had numerous inquiry calls that we converted to new clients. When asking how they found our name and number, it was from website searches. Proof in the pudding that Hudge Creative Media does an excellent job!

Cindy Hancock, Director of Community Relations, Oasis In-Home Care

Hudge Creative has provided our practice with a very user-friendly and eye-catching website. We have saved a ton and time and money since Hudge delivered a site with the capability for us to make additions, changes, and updates... but when I need them, they're a quick phone call away too.

Eric Bletzinger, MBA, Practice Administrator, Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PSC

We battle the “Bigger is better” philosophy and Hudge helped us create the reality of providing quality, compassionate care to our community in a way that sets us apart from the bigger facilities around us. Our message was made clearer in the patient videos … about real people. Hudge captured the essence of quality care by first listening to us, and then delivering a product which was well worth the investment.

Alisa Coleman, CEO, Trigg County Hospital


Do you guys "do" SEO? (Search Engine Optimization?)

Yes and No.

Yes: If we build your organization a new site or provide content consulting on how to improve and what to do with your current site.

We build content maps and strategize a very in-depth schema on your content and how it relates to other information (both on your site and the gagillions of others on the web) and make improvements to your SEO.

We work with you to verify online listings, including your Google My Business listing as well as optimizing listings with content that point traffic back to your site.

But No:

We don’t build back links. And please, do not buy these for your site.


Summary: We improve and steadily build what we have control over. We make recommendations on the things that are not within our control (like back links from third parties and companion businesses) but we like to think of it as building you a solid foundation that will flex and expand as your organization develops.

I've heard about this AdWords thing. Is it cheaper than print or tv?

AdWords gets us excited. Why? Because others’ success gets us excited.

Bar none, there is no other major platform where the advertiser has such power and control.

  • the budget is controlled
  • who sees the ads and content is controlled
  • the information your visitors absorb on your landing page is in your control
  • And you can track exactly who experienced your content and
  • If they converted into a patient or client.

We’re not saying, “Drop your other ad channels.”  Most benefit from a mix of several.

But we are saying, “Please consider your current ad budget norms.”

$1000 can get you a half page week-long running print ad shot-gunned to a general base of readers.

Or… it can get you dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of very qualified leads that can be 100x more likely to convert.

The beauty of all this is: we can launch both, track the results, and suggest how to move forward – even if that means the answer is, “looks like your current methods are fine.”  (although, it’s never looked like that)

Video is video, right?

Well, sadly, it’s not as simple as that. Not all video is created equally.

We believe in a basic 3-Point process when it comes to creating video – great story, appropriate execution, smart delivery.

Learn more about our thoughts on effective video.

“Alright, I’m interested in more.”

We hope that’s what you’re thinking, so…

To talk to a human being right now, call toll free (855) 552-8398.  Take 20 minutes to just ‘get unstuck’ – we’d be happy to possibly provide something that might energize you!

Or take just about 60 seconds to submit our online form.  

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