People can’t resist video.

So Stop Telling. Start Showing.

More than 85% of American internet users view online video – and it’s only rising. Studies prove video increases the amount of time visitors spend on your site… increasing your chances of them becoming clients or patients.
You’re here because you’ve seen your colleagues hop on the online video bandwagon (and you’ve delayed) or you’re so overwhelmed with everything, you don’t know where to begin. That’s perfect …

Because this is our calling. We mix story with logic. That way, you can see results.

No one comes to see you if they don’t trust you enough with their care.This is the way you start the relationship.

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Now with TWO Premium Hudge Video options, there’s nothing holding you back from getting the search results and the traffic discovering your valuable services.

Affordable, Professional, and Fast. Pick Three.


The Hudge ExpressPro Video upgrades your audience’s perception (and your reputation) without a Hollywood budget.  With HD Video produced within 15 to 28 days, you can show the world who you are and what you’re about—perfect for any organization looking for great momentum (knowing everyone now expects video).

Subscribe to our packages and never worry about regularly scheduled, high quality content. Rest easy while your content, traffic, and engagement steadily build.

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Great Story + Pristine Execution = Action

Get the Kleenexes. These emotional short films are shared across social media channels for years. (That means, your marketing investment continues to work for the long haul).

The Hudge LifeShot Premium Video, our premium product, has helped customers truly impact their audience, embedding their brand in viewers’ long-term memories with an extraordinary story.

Your practice has collected some amazing stories of triumph and victory.  Hudge amplifies those messages and delivers a valuable piece of branded content, spreading wide awareness.

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Real + Entertaining = Effective

Video conveys emotion in ways print just can’t. When your story is intriguing, it draws people in. Let’s focus on a great story to make a long-tail classic, not a flashy-dazzle thing that fades in a couple months. We’re hired for our creativity and the spin we put on things, not our expensive gear. And there are plenty of great stories to share.

YouTube and Broadcast TV

We can adapt projects to a variety of broadcast markets: your website, YouTube, TV, cable… even radio. And story telling is story telling, regardless of the media used to deliver it. Remember searching for that funny commercial on YouTube after you saw it during the Super Bowl? Being in multiple places isn’t extra credit anymore, it’s the norm.

HD Production

Your video is a statement about your image. The details of high quality work are seldom noticed. You’ve simply enjoyed it.  But low quality work is always noticeable.  Hudge Creative has the experience your project demands, and we use the best technology available – like HD video.

Versatile. Results. Period.

Say anything. Promote your community, build your workforce and recruit talent, share your company’s history, consistently train your staff, educate the public about your best services, and especially, build the trust of your brand through testimonials of REAL people. Nothing compares.

87% of all online adults use a search engine to research health-related information.

And since video is 53x more likely to appear on first-page search results than text, you have an even greater chance at dominating Google search results with multipletop spots.”Did you just say, “Huh?”  Then call. In a 20-minute call, you\’ll have at least 3 proven ideas to use in your future online video marketing strategy!