4 way view, Hospice Tri-Fold Brochure

When it came to producing this hospice brochure for loyal client, Pennyroyal Hospice, Inc., we interviewed and listened closely.

We had worked with them for quite a few things prior and had a solid understanding of some of the most challenging concepts to communicate. Their Achilles’ Heel is no different from many other healthcare and caregiver based agencies: there’s a “Big Myth” that their services are strictly for those who are already on their deathbed.

Not so.

That’s not only a myth, but a mindset that is disheartening to learn, especially if you’re one of the many nurses, CNAs or administrators who are a part, and deeply believe in the mission of Hospice care.

The service hospice provides is so much more than what a large part of the community thinks it is – and we had to speak directly to that.

Take note of the back panel. The brochure can even be used “face down” to communicate “the Hospice Myth” right to viewers’ face.