Sometimes, marketing and promoting a particular service isn’t necessarily what everyone already thinks you’re good at – it’s the pursuit to inform them that you are a capable and strong choice for their care. Small hospitals face this “bigger is better” philosophy, even from their supportive community all the time. Hudge was hired to help put this philosophy to rest; to tell Trigg County that their hospital’s Emergency Department steps into action fast, will stabilize patients, and be honest and realistic about getting them the best possible care – even if it’s not with them.

This project pulls the viewer to relive this terrible event. Kudos to the family, not only for offering their story to Trigg County Hospital to spotlight, but to submit themselves to reliving the day’s events, over and over. The Stevens’ participation was crucial but imagine: Your son whisked away in an ambulance isn’t the most comfortable thing to relive, is it? Much thanks to that family.

Project Credits:

  • Producer: Alisa Coleman, CEO, Trigg County Hospital
  • Director: Drew Hudgins
  • Featuring: Bill and Faye Stevens, Clay Stevens, Troy Alexander
  • Production Assistants: Raymond Cronin, Robin Stevens, Cody Carrico, Zach Adams, Primal Patel
  • Conceptualization and all Post Production: Hudge Creative


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