What You Know

  • Your organization is the best.  Your staff arrives everyday like it’s their mission. You have a ton of glowing remarks about your services to prove all this.
  • This video fad isn’t a fad at all. It’s not going anywhere – but up.  You want in – but don’t know where to begin.
  • Your services are extremely valuable. Yet it’s a challenge to show the rest of the world just how much you and your team can help them (without draining your marketing budget)

What You Need To Know

  • Viewers retain 95% of the information in video, verses only 10% of what they read within the written word.
  • This is another amazing statistic
  • Your patients and clients are consuming video online right now, as they are looking for health information

What You Should Now Know

  • Hudge ExpressPro Video Shorts will help you get the right kind of attention to the right group of people
  • You can relax a little, knowing you’re finally entering this video craze with stuff that delivers

So Many Watching. What Can You Say?

Download our Free Video Report Now

I Want To Know What Works

Increase in Chance of Landing on the 1st Page of Google
Higher Click-Thru in Search Results
of US Pop. Watch at least 1 YouTube/Week
of Businesses say Video is their Top Converter
More Likely to Buy a Product After Viewing Video
More Info Retained vs. 22% Words-Only
of People Prefer Watching over Reading
Way You Can Prepare Starting NOW

You Need More On Your Plate Like a Virus In Your EHR

Just guessing with this, but your job description probably didn’t include: “Must babysit video guys and spoon-feed them ideas.” It shouldn’t have.

But the huge expectations weighing on you might include,

“Grow our organization’s roster/loyal patient base/census.” Or even “Build our branding.”

What about…

“Manage Budget”
“Build our credibility and grow our base.”
“Save funds.”
“Build our community awareness.”
“Save money.”

No more dragging your feet on “What are we going to say in a video?” or “How are we going to say that and come across un-braggy?” [cta “5 Ways to Use Video” Report]

Your Sales Team Will ThankYou

Imagine giving them a visual aid that’s consistent 100% of the time, each and every time it’s experienced.

And if you don’t have a sales department, then HudgeExPro is an even greater asset. Nothing works 24/7 like online video.

Imagine when the 87% of online adults who are searching online to find health information come across your branded video (especially since it’s 53x more likely you’ll appear on Google’s first page).

Now You’ll Actually Have Something to Say

We know you already have something to say – but now, you’ll finally have a mechanism to speak on your behalf, every minute of the day.  And our video is flexible – so you can reach people who come to your website or even get the attention of YouTube browsers (stat goes here and – our premium packages include YouTube Advertising).

What Do Patients Want?

It’s no secret. People don’t change. They just want to feel like someone (say, their doctor or nurse) is listening to them – they want to matter.

How Will You Provide What Patients Want?

What is every good connected business is doing: Engaging through Social Media.

What’s the best proven way to engage with those on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube? Engaging Video.

How Will You Stay Engaged With Your Patients and Clients?

You can do two things right now:

  1. 1) Download our ideas or
  2. 2) Call 855-552-8398, and get a free 3-point 20-minute consultation on the ways video can help you achieve your business goals.

Spend money wisely. Even if you’re just shopping around, isn’t it worth it to get some inspiration on how to do things right – the first time?

Online Video
Marketing Plans

Annual Plans, Billed Monthly*
  • Total Optimized Videos
  • 60+ sec Videos
  • 30+ sec Videos
  • SEO Site Keyword Audits
  • Search Optimized Video
  • Google Search Campaign+Mgt.
  • Google Display Campaign+Mgt.
  • YouTube Marketing Campaign+Mgt.
  • Optimized Landing Page(s)
  • Online Ad Spend
  • All Footage on Hard Drive


$ 667

*per month
  • 3
  • x1
  • x2
  • 5 Keyword Audits
  • x1
  • $500

SilverMost Popular

$ 1333

*per month
  • 6
  • x2
  • x4
  • 10 Keyword Audits
  • 2 Online Video Marketing Campaign
  • Google Search Campaign (x1)
  • Google Display Campaign (x2 Image Ad Sets)
  • $1000 Online Ad Spend
  • up to 3 Landing Pages
  • Hard Drive with all Footage



  • x1
  • $500


$ 2333

*per month
  • Annual Plan
  • x3 60+ sec Video
  • x7 30+ sec Videos
  • Unlimited SEO Site Keyword Audits
  • Search-Optimized Videos
  • Online Video Marketing Campaign
  • Google Search Campaign (x6)
  • Google Display Campaign (x12 Image Ad Sets)
  • $4000 Online Ad Spend
  • up to 12 Landing Pages
  • Hard Drive with all Footage

Have something else in mind, like single videos?

HD Video for Orthopedic Surgeon and Sport Medicine Physician

Orthopedic Surgeon and Sport Medicine Physician

Bariatric Surgeon uses this short video to describe some of their available procedures

30 Second Profile Video for Bariatric Surgeon

Web Video features an online social media platform just for recovering TBI Patients to connect

TryMunity Social Media Website for Patients with TBI

Waitasecond. Isn't this just video production?

No.  We want, more than anything, to be a good investment. The talent, skills and experience it takes to create great video doesn’t come cheap. But even if you have great video, you still lack the many other ingredients for it to deliver results.

We’ve experienced it. And it’s quite sad when someone invests any amount of money into producing great video – only to have it sit and do nothing (even if it’s sitting on YouTube and their site).

All our subscriptions come with all the ingredients to actually make your investment work for you.

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