Hudge Director Earns Google AdWords Certification

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Drew Hudgins, Director of Hudge Creative (formerly Hudge Media), a media marketing company located in Cadiz, Kentucky, has recently received his Individual Google AdWords Certification.  The globally recognized Google AdWords Certification Program gives Hudge Creative an opportunity to showcase its knowledge of the latest Google online marketing tools and techniques.

To receive this prestigious certification, Mr. Hudgins went through extensive and in-depth training using Google resources specifically designed for marketing agencies.  Training also included working one-on-one with a Google representative specifically assigned to assist and mentor Mr. Hudgins all whilst assisting Hudge Creative’s existing clients, effectively increasing exposure and their brand awareness through the use of Adwords.

Google AdWords allows businesses to take full advantage of millions of online searches carried out every day.  For many, a program like AdWords means “affordable visibility” no matter how local or global the campaign.  Hudge Creative often hears from its clients “We offer this but no one knows it yet.”.  AdWords is an ideal solution to increase visibility and educate.

“One particular client was able to increase his CTR (click through rate) by 6 times of the performance benchmark that Google considers a strong campaign. That increased his site’s traffic by 12% and the number of times the site’s information form was submitted by 300%.  All this in a matter of weeks.”

What does all this mean to Hudge clients?  “Most of our clients come to us with a specific marketing project in mind.  Adding Google Adwords now allows us to offer a more comprehensive marketing plan for our clients.  By adding this element, we can further help our clients greatly increase traffic to their sites and continue working on their overall brand awareness and revenue goals.   We want our clients to return for more.  Now, we can more effectively manage the distribution of the creative elements of our clients’ campaigns that we have often already created.”

In addition to this new marketing element, Hudge Creative continues to focus on “content marketing” for its clients.  Some of Hudge Creative’s services includes Research and Copy Development, Video Promotionals, Creative Design Services such as Web and Graphic Design, and Full-color Printing.   “We might do a lot but we don’t do everything for everyone. If something falls outside of our abilities, we often look to trusted marketers in our ever-broadening network to supply our clients with the most up-to-date specialized answers to their marketing needs.”

Hudge Creative Media Marketing specializes in assisting healthcare and caregiver agencies connect with their audience. Learn more about Hudge Creative by visiting their website at  Hudge Creative can be contacted by calling toll-free at (855) 552-8398 or locally at (270) 681-0324 or by emailing Mr. Hudgins at


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