The challenges, goals, pre-production and planning of “If it Was Your Kid, What Would You Do?”

Usually, when we’re approached with a marketing challenge, we naturally are in a mind set of “what is it that our clients are known for and just how should we tell the world?” Easy, right? It’s Marketing 101: show off the very thing that everyone already knows you do well – just make it more known.

Trigg County Hospital brought demands to us that went a little deeper.

They knew that the hospital had gained trust and credibility for several of its services, and sure, we were going to feature those services as well with two other videos, however, they were aware that particular services commonly came under criticism, especially for being a smaller, more rural hospital. So there was more of a PR component to this one…

“We want to be up front about this to everyone,” admitted hospital CEO, Alisa Coleman. “We know we’re not a heart specialist hospital or a neuro center; we don’t promise to be anything we’re not. But we will get you here, we will stabilize you and get you quickly to where you need to be. We will save live your life.”

So that was what Hudge Media was hired to do – that was our goal: to educate the community of these missions – these very realistic and noble self-images of the local hospital – and begin to build the reputation of the hospital’s Emergency Services.

So we set out to produce something real. A documentary to feature a snapshot of a family’s lives as they underwent a terrible day.

Build the block of marble, then chisel away…

We started with the parents of our young, to-be-featured concussion victim. They took us through one of the most horrible days in their lives. We recorded the audio (for later reviewing), took detailed notes, especially on all the emotional points, and collected all of our talking points. Next? The video interviews.

Once ingesting over an hour of the video interview footage into the computer, we kicked out a scratch-cut with a huge time code stamped on it solely for the purpose of transcription. We then printed our completed full-interview transcripts of (both the parents’ and the boys’ interviews) and took to ’em with the scissors! Literally cutting up our script, we sliced out the best of the best and puttied the pieces to the theme-sectioned wall – themes like, “teamwork,” “heart,” and “character dev.”

Over the course of a few more technical steps, we had our story – our footage was sliced and diced, giving us a rough cut.

We kept slicing; more editing. This process is very much like a Renaissance sculptor painstakingly taking time to chisel and carve away at the excess until the figure is what’s standing.

Except, in these types of projects, when we get the standing figure, we must go back and collect more marble to add back to the sculpture.

In other words, once our story had been successfully pieced together, we planned the additional shoots that would assist the most with our storytelling.

The various multiple shoots

We needed some flashback footage. For sure. We scheduled

  • The trip to the ER
  • The AirEvacLife Team landing and loading
  • Even some more additional footage at the ER
  • The gymnasium reenactment
  • and even another shoot to capture some B Roll of various parts of the hospital
[/list] The family was so great to work with; they were completely on board (being true fans of the hospital and team of people that came to their son’s rescue certainly contributes to participatory willingness).

In the video, the Emergency Department of Trigg County Hospital in Cadiz, Kentucky is featured. A boy experiences a concussion and is air lifted to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital (by AirEvac Lifeteam) after first being stabilized at the Trigg County Hospital ER.


Developed to belong in a three-part series, this project featured
Producer: Alisa Coleman, CEO, Trigg County Hospital
Director: Drew Hudgins
Featuring: Bill and Faye Stevens, Clay Stevens, Troy Alexander
Production Assistants: Raymond Cronin, Robin Stevens, Cody Carrico, Zach Adams, Primal Patel
Conceptualization and all Post Production: Hudge Media LLC

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