Have you ever answered the phone when you were at a friend’s house? For me, it’s when I visit my mother, and of course I’ve been out of the house for years now, so my voice is not a familiar one to many of her friends when they call.

“Oh I’m sorry. I have the wrong number”

“No no no no. This is Drew. I’m back home…”

Of course, my mother and her friends are a generation beyond the usual gap between parent and kid (I was happily raised by my grandparents) so as you might imagine, the conversation quickly takes the style of “You-have-gotten-so-big-and-I’m-pinching-your-cheek-through-this-phone-here” but I digress.

Anywho, what I’m getting at is we’ve recently made a decision regarding a fairly huge thing: We’ve changed our name.

You may have landed on our site or found and clicked a link that reads, “Hudge Media.” But hold on! You’re in the right place!

So the next thing that’s reasonable to ask is, “Why? Why at all? Why now?”

Here are three of the biggest reasons we made the switch.

1) Accuracy

There’s a lot behind a name. I think, in this industry we’re in – of serving through creating things that take creativity and much energy – it’s difficult to express to others just what it is you do and how you serve others.

“Media” is a great term. It was just fine for a while. It’s broad. It can encompass a lot things. Hey. We provide quite a few things. (not everything… but quite a few).  But “Media” communicated only the making of media – not the things that were organically seeping into our company’s effective offerings like AdWords campaigns and consultations on planning and what to do with media.

But over time, that wasn’t enough. What specifically?  It wasn’t enough to me that we create a video or a website and hand it over to clients, often leaving them in this, “Here. It’s yours. Now we dust our hands of it.”  I thought they were missing out on how to use the things we just spent so many hours in creating!  They were missing out on the “now what?”  There was the challenge and responsibility of getting that media in front of eyes and ears so our clients’ audiences would discover it.

It hit me. We don’t just create media.  We get completely invested in the how is this thing going to work? Who’s going to be using it? … experiencing it? … then, what do we wish for them to do? … to learn? We’re … oh my could it be … we’re … we’re marketers!

We had always been marketers. There was always a bigger picture we were aware of and aimed to deliver a return, based on that big picture. (which meant we had a quite an investment in client discovery and research, more than most “media” firms)


2) Seeking Wise Counsel

I whole-heartedly believe in much quality, solid, expert advise. No one gets to be successful on their own; it’s a journey and they do so through many relationships (even relationships at varying levels). Not only that, but seeking advice keeps a person humble and challenges them to think.

Hudge Media, or [a hem] Hudge Creative, has an advisory board of experts – experts with many years of experience in their own fields from all different walks of life.  I called, met with and tested it. It’s a longer name… but it works when it’s shortened. Each pair of ears didn’t twitch one bit. With an understanding of our company, it’s philosophy, offerings and mission, they were immediately on board.  Their responses went something like, “Yep. That’s it. Totally with you. Change it.”


3) Better Sooner Than Later

Remember that talk in Number 1 about “for our clients, we were always looking at the big picture“?  Well. Big picture: It’s better to make such a drastic change sooner than later.

I remember this company starting out with a logo based off of my own signature. It was “cool.”  Then I realized a mere seven months in, “no one’s gonna get this.”  It was changed. Better to do so at seven in than wait until eight.

If you know something’s gotta change, then change it. Better to make the switch to “…Creative Media Marketing” (that now actually includes what we do… Marketing) 3.4 years into it than to wait 3.5.  Waiting would be foolish. Find what works; test it on some people that matter, punch it.


If you’re familiar with us and our offerings, it’ll take some time to get used to. Sure, that’s expected.  In fact, it’ll be more of a challenge to our current clients because of their existing paradigm (some of our clients still have no idea of some of our offerings like color printing or search advertising).

If you’re not familiar with our firm, great. Know off the bat we go at things for the long tail. We think investing in true quality content – that tells people just why your organization is so unique or special – is a great asset. We’re here to lay the foundation of quality content (video, written word, photos), professionally package it into something that can be ingested (web or print), and get it out there to be discovered (search and display online advertising).

We aim to be a great return on anyone’s investment striving to come up with classics… not one-hit-wonders.

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