• Website Design

  • Implement of a Patient Portal

  • Private Domain Registration

  • Web Hosting

  • Appointment Cards

  • Educational Posters


Dr. Anderson and his office administrator needed a safe, secure way for their patients to access their personal information online. They needed to guarantee that private information would remain just that – private.

But if you build it, will they come?

It wasn’t enough to just build a site with the implementation of the secure portal, but we designed other products to educate their patients.  They needed products to educate their patients about their site’s new, time-saving features.

How we did it

After setting up private domain registration and web hosting through HudgeDomains, we connected Dr. Anderson to Web View, a secure, online patient portal. And a great-looking site – modern, yet easy for patients to navigate – was icing on the cake.

To introduce patients to the online Patient Portal, Hudge created educational posters for exam rooms. The same familiar look is found on Dr. Anderson’s new appointment cards that feature login information for their patients.

Why we did that

When you register your web domain, your personal information is public – to anyone… anywhere, anytime. Through Hudge Creative’s private domain registration, your privacy is protected.  And with McKesson’s Web View, the privacy of patients is protected, too.  Web View allows patients direct access to their medical charts through a secure patient portal.

By using consistent design elements on the website and the educational print materials, patients became well-acquainted with an unfamiliar new feature, the Patient Portal.

Grow Your Patient Base and Secure Your Patient Portal

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