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How to create a brochure, breaking it down to only 3 broad steps

Three Steps to an Effective Hospice Brochure

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Marketing materials can be flashy, funny, or beautiful. They have to catch the attention of their audience, and more importantly, keep it long enough to get the message across. But in the end, marketing materials are simply tools. The most important step when designing a new marketing tool may be figuring out what job it must perform. It doesn’t matter…

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Better to Assume No One Knows

Just Say It Already

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This morning, I was watching one of the morning news programs. There was some breaking news; a shocking story that came to the forefront of the attention of all commentators and ‘casters. I noticed something. Something I kept hearing over and over in the broadcasters’ conversations to one another. I kept hearing the word “Obviously.” As the show’s anchors brought…

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