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Online Marketing Presentation

The Biggest Deals About Online Marketing I’d Share On Your 23 Minute Lunch Break

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This Article… is especially for business owners and leaders (Chamber members) as well as for anyone who thought a website was nothing more than an online "brochure" features a recording of a live video presentation (23 minutes, watch it on your lunch break) will take about 4 to 6 minutes to the words gives you a chance to get better, deeper help....
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Wide shot of 70 pharmacy students at Lipscomb

Ask Yourself This One Question Before Creating Any Piece of Marketing Content

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Back Story: I was invited this week to appear as a guest presenter to a class of third-year pharmacy students at Lipscomb University in Nashville.  The plan: to hopefully give the class a little inspiration for their group project involving developing a marketing plan. If you watch the news and quickly need to pull yourself out of a downward slump of...
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The Roof of the Met (Museum)

There’s Really Just One Reason to Go To A Conference

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I like conferences. They're great. Conferences can be such a positive thing for someone's professional trajectory. However, after some quality thinking time (a rare find, but crucial to schedule), I had this epiphany after recently attending an online/email marketing conference in NY recently: Conferences are great for one reason. But first, let's break down some of the other valuable and valid...
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Easy Things To Do For Online Security

3 Things You Can Do Today for Online Security Peace of Mind

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There’s certainly a rise in the concern for online security – there should be. Hacking and ID Theft are huge deals, but here are 3 “oh-I-can-do-that” tips.

Just in the last month, we’ve learned about the “Heart bleed” vulnerability and some hacker highjacking a baby monitor video camera (it’s freaky enough of a thought to have someone spying on your family with a taken-over web cam but the even freakier …

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Hunter is suspended for kissing

Search Engines and Sexual-Harassment – A Unique Parallel to Intent Marketing

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Hitting the news this week was a story of a six-year-old little boy who was suspended from school on the grounds of sexual harassment. What was his offense? What was the particular action? Apparently he kissed a girl, a classmate of his, on the hand and on the cheek. (some reports stated “hand.” Some stated “cheek.” Some stated both.) Usually, I…

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