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  • is especially for business owners and leaders (Chamber members)
  • as well as for anyone who thought a website was nothing more than an online “brochure”
  • features a recording of a live video presentation (23 minutes, watch it on your lunch break)
  • will take about 4 to 6 minutes to the words
  • gives you a chance to get better, deeper help.

If we share the same philosophy…

…that the central goal of your marketing is

  • to begin…
  • and nurture a business relationship…
  • with only the people who are likely to be in your tribe (ahem… I’m talking about your loyal customers)

—then there’s more brain-time and action that must go into the 3-pillar overview of online marketing I lay out in this presentation I delivered to my local chamber. (video below)

drew-whiteboard-lessonYou can read everything here and watch the recorded presentation… or you can just skip to the good stuff.

  • Get a shorter, whiteboard presentation loaded with tips – talking directly to you
  • Better audio than the “live” presentation
  • Get more comprensive slides in PDF
  • Get the presentation’s 5 point checklist with action you can take to improve your online presence – like how-to’s to help you get found, what to publish on your site to get people to like you and how to make for better experiences for your customers.
  • How do you get to be number one in Google? 
  • How do you even get to be on the first page in Google? 
  • How do you use Google?

I got a better question.

Why are you so concerned with ranking number one in Google [search]?

This is where most everyone—small business owners, restaurant owners, CEOs, non-profit administrators, board members, directors of this or that—gets the concept backwards.

What good is it to be in the very top spot of everyone-in-the-world’s search results if they aren’t very likely to become your customer?

I’m in a geographical area where, if someone makes a website and spends the minimal amount of energy adding even just a little “surface information” about whatever industry the website represents, they are actually likely to do relatively well with their search engine ranking—at least concerning “local search.” (People looking for brick-n-mortar businesses)

Reasons being:

1) There’s not a lot of similar-business competition. And if there is, many don’t have stand-alone sites. A few more might not have anything (no Facebook business page, no GoogleMyBusiness page).

2) Google, and its mysterious algorithm, is indeed interested in serving up helpful information. So a site with very little content (no blog articles or cool videos) yet a few pages of information (like a niche directory listing) can still surprisingly do well in local search results.

But even in these rare cases, they’re still faced with a huge problem.

A site with nothing but promotion is like a marriage proposal after 3 secondsI was hoping you’d find me… I’ve been waiting…… Now Marry Me!

This is how many businesses and organizations think. They don’t necessarily know they’re thinking this way… but it’s this notion of:

“As long as we get placed in the top spot (and of course, we’ll get the click), visitors will be our customers.”

Hold on there, Hondo. You’re missing a few steps.  That’s like a marriage proposal in the first 3 seconds.

What about… the thing that goes between the “I found and clicked you” and “I’m your customer”?

What about the thing between “I’m your first-time customer” and “I came back to you”?

We gotta get on the same page with something: 98% (or more) of your online traffic will likely be just browsing. Shopping around.  Researching.  They might find you, and that’s a good thing. But then what? What are you going to say?

Are you going to offer them a promotion?  But we just covered, the vast part of them, they’re not at that point.  They’re just looking.  They’re not even in the final decision mode of choosing anyone, let alone taking an action to exchange dollars for a product or service with your website they came across for the first time.

So what do you do? What do you say?

From here, you’ll need to check out the video presentation.

  • Get clear on who you should even be going after in the first place—the loyal base, otherwise known as, “your tribe”—you should always be building (not my wisdom (I wish) but online marketing pioneer, Seth Godin’s concept).
  • As you watch, take note of what all (or certainly, most) of your competitors are NOT even doing!  Pay special attention to who should be involved in the process of making all the content on your site. (Hint: it’s not the interns or even your CEO).
  • In pillar 3, listen to the brilliance of one of my business-rescue heros (hint: He’s got his own show… and doesn’t know I exist.  We’ll see… I’m tweeting him after all this is live).

Check it out. I’d love your feedback.

To the right (below if you’re on your phone), are the slides I had prepared for this presentation. And sure, I used them… but I whizzed right by some of the more technical discussions.

So here, you can check them out and take your time clicking through. And if you have a question about one (or if I’ve confused you more—certainly not the first time my teaching has ever done such a thing), simply tell me. I’d love to hear from you.

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