Online Marketing for
Places that Save and Change Lives

Healthcare Organizations Settle for
Generic, Fluffy Content and Scripted, Awkward Videos.
Keep your utensils sterile–not your message.

  The provider/patient relationship begins long before filling out forms in your waiting area.
We help professionals begin those relationships.

CNBC logo, Drew has appeared on NETFLIX
Telly Award winner, Promotional Branding for Online Video
CNBC logo, Drew has appeared on CNBC

Would you rather have 50 people all-ears in front of you hanging onto every single word launched from your lips… or busy yourself with shouting to 50,000 who have their own agendas?

Let’s start speaking to just the ones that we can truly help.

Marketing Consulting, Strategy and Coaching

Get Inspired to Improve Your Practice —
Real and Useful Insight That Gets Prospects to Choose You And Guarantees Online Traffic.

For leaders who:

  • Are Stuck and need a fresh perspective and some action plans.
  • Are overwhelmed with social, SEO, banner adsemail, video marketing, etc. – and don’t really know what they need vs. what’s burning money.
  • Wonder why your social media, or any other promotional efforts are getting poor returns.
  • Just shelled out thousand$ for a website… that’s not working.
  • Want video, but know your team lacks a Hollywood Director.

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Video Production and YouTube Advertising

Question: How Do You Pull Off A Brand So Strong, People Don’t Think of Anyone Other Than You?

Answer: Appear More Places, More Often, On a Regular Basis. Be a Celebrity Expert.

Like the sound of HD Video?  Brace yourself: it’s a waste of your budget.

But not if you can actually get traffic, prospects and visitors with your videos.

Imagine this…

  • A likely prospect, within your area of service…
  • Google’s, not you, but the service you provide.
  • They see multiple search results… that are videos! In their head, you just hit celebrity-status–and you’ve never even met them.
  • Later, they’re browsing YouTube, see you again. Now, they really think you’re a rock star.
  • They walk through your doors.

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Google AdWords and Facebook Campaigns

The Most Proven Way to Get Discovered—For People Already Looking for Your Services (a no-brainer)
AND People Who Would Really Love Your Services… but Aren’t Thinking About You Yet

Wanna be on page one of Google? Who doesn’t?
But you can do better than that—You can be everywhere!

Imagine this…

  • A prospect, within your service area
  • Google’s the service you provide… and there you are!
  • Another likely prospect is browsing the web and they come across you! They weren’t thinking about you, but now they are.
  • They see you again—this time on Facebook. Now, they really start trusting you.
  • They walk through your doors.

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Web Logo and Print Design Creative Services

When the Same Brains Make More Of Your Stuff, Your Business Doesn’t Suffer From Multiple Personality Disorder.

Does it look like we do everything? It shouldn’t.  We focus on what we’ve seen to be efficient and the most effective strategies for solid growth.
However on a case-by-case basis, we either add custom work to a package or in rare cases, take on projects like…

Web Design Graphic Design

The only traffic we ever had with our prior site was from directing people there after we had made an initial connection. That's the opposite of how things should have worked. Now, I have numerous calls that we regularly convert to new clients. When I ask how they found us, they tell me it was from searching the web! Proof in the pudding that Hudge Creative delivers!

Cindy Hancock, Director of Community Relations, Oasis In-Home Care

We battle the Bigger is better philosophy and Hudge helped us create the reality of providing quality, compassionate care to our community in a way that sets us apart from the bigger facilities around us. Our message was made clearer in the patient videos … about real people. Hudge captured the essence of quality care by first listening to us, and then delivering a product which was well worth the investment.

Alisa Coleman, CEO, Trigg County Hospital

Hudge Creative has provided our practice with a very user-friendly, eye-catching and effective website.We have saved a ton of time and money since Hudge delivered a site with the capability for us to make additions, changes and updates... but when I need them, they're a quick phone call away too.

Eric Bletzinger, MBA, Practice Administrator, Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PSC

The Hudge way:

It’s about Discovery and Connection

There’s a saying in business: It’s all about the relationship. The same is especially true when it comes to people making choices about their care.

It’s crucial for care agencies to seek one thing above all else when it comes to their message: a connection.

Our discovery process includes, not just digging into what’s so special about your organization—but to get to know the people you’ve helped!  It’s not a shortcut process… but it’s the best way to achieve success.

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