Your Utensils Should Be Sterile
But Not Your Message.

Your organization impacts lives everyday. So stop using short-lived
flashy holograms and cliché photos of nurses smiling with clipboards.
Get to the heart of what really matters.
Your future counts on your prospective patients and clients learning how much you care.
Start Showing Them How Much You Really Do.

Hudge in the News

The Kentucky New Era Reports New and Exciting Hudge Happenings
With new Google Gusto, another Telly and a W3 Award, The New Era shares just some of what we've been up to these past few months.

Content Marketing for
Places that Change Lives

Healthcare, Medical and Care Provider Organizations must connect
with their patients and clients. Our video targets emotions.
We help to build the trust between our clients and their patients.

Video is Not A Commodity

Quality video moves. It motivates. It matters.
Allow the people your organization has impacted to tell their stories.
Your potential patients, clients and community will learn how you've saved and enriched others' lives. Nothing phony. Real people. Real stories.
Learn More About Trust-Building Through Video.


We Create Content That Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing.

We Deliver Your Message In A Way That Connects.

We Make Content For the Web.

We Distribute It On The Web.

Got Words?

Remember that article you were reading? The one your friend tweeted or the one you got wrapped into when you were just surfing the web… and it informed you about the dangers of abc, or the 6 benefits of xyz? We write those. (you need ‘em to engage with your site visitors).

Better to Show than Tell

Remember that video you watched about that funny kid or even that emotional heart-grabbing piece that got passed around on all your friends’ facebook feed? And you watched another… and you wasted hours on the clock (and you do this each month). We produce those.

Image Matters

Remember all those words you read and videos you watched… on your competitors’ sites? You thought, “This sure looks good. I wish our web site and our print materials looked as good as this.” Your presentation matters. (Ask Apple. It matters a lot.) We design all that.

Google Gusto

And remember seeing those ads for shoes? …right after you just browsed shoes? (and you felt a little stalked?). What about searching for that one place that had six spots on the first page of Google! (A listing, map, an ad, a video, another video…). We help you land those spots.

That’s the fifth time I’ve heard that this week!

What’s Content Marketing anyway?

You’ve experienced content marketing for years. It’s just what it sounds like. It’s content. It refers to all the things that communicate your message, your brand, your culture, your expertise, your organization’s philosophy – and it’s all the things like the written word, photos and video. Nowadays, it’s not enough to set things and forget ‘em. Your organization needs valid, fresh, relevant and significant content that effectively communicates to your audience just why they need to to stop and take notice of you.

The Hudge way:

It’s about Discovery and Connection

There’s a saying in business: It’s all about the relationship. Well, we know the same thing is true when it comes to people making choices when it comes to their care. That’s why it’s especially essential for care agencies to seek one thing above all else when it comes to their message: a connection. We spend the energy to get to know what’s so special about your organization – the people you’ve helped, the loved ones of those people you’ve impacted, and your service-centered culture – that’s what matters. That’s where we help you show the world what you most need to show.

"We battle the Bigger is better philosophy and Hudge helped us create the reality of providing quality, compassionate care to our community in a way that sets us apart from the bigger facilities around us. Our message was made clearer in the patient videos … about real people. Hudge captured the essence of quality care by first listening to us, and then delivering a product which was well worth the investment."

− Alisa Coleman, CEO, Trigg County Hospital

"Hudge Creative has provided our practice with a very user-friendly, eye-catching and effective website.
We have saved a ton of time and money since Hudge delivered a site with the capability for us to make additions, changes and updates... but when I need them, they're a quick phone call away too."

− Eric Bletzinger, MBA, Practice Administrator, Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PSC